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Operations Director

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Warren Castle

Operations Director

B. Com  MBA  Certified Rescue Analyst (UP) 

Warren Castle

Warren has always been passionate about business turnaround and has from the outset of his career been involved primarily in operational turnarounds.  His first turnaround work was for Mikes Kitchen, a restaurant chain, fixing distressed franchise restaurants around the country. 

His career experience prior to Engaged Business Turnaround ranges from restaurants to scaffolding, industrial plating, metal casting, training and more.

Warren has through many years of multiple industry experience been involved in all facets of business, from sales and marketing to operations and finance and leadership roles in each of these functions.  He has acquired a strong and diverse skill set through this journey and has worked in multiple start-up and turnaround roles.  Working his way up through various organisations, he has gained skills and experience both in “what to do” and “what not to do”.  He has seen successes and failures and has used this skill set to create a track record of success in the turnaround of businesses, both informally and formally through Engaged Business Turnaround.

Warren joined Engaged in 2017 and here he found a true home for his passion to turn around distressed businesses and save jobs.  His track record speaks for itself, from independent business reviews that have provided a roadmap for positive change, to business rescues and turnaround successes.

He has performed turnarounds in areas as diverse as game capture through to supply chain finance.  Warren is able to quickly gain an in-depth understanding of all levels of operations, using this knowledge to identify reasons for business failures and seek, through consultation, workable solutions that management can buy into and support.

Warren’s turnaround principles are based on the American belief of “debtor in charge” and he works with existing management wherever possible to get the quickest and most sustainable long-term turnaround results.  With his strong understanding of operational and industrial processes, he has the ability to understand the most advanced manufacturing and operational models with ease.  He is able to unravel complex financial structures and “simplify the clutter” to get to the heart of the problem.  He has a high level of creative problem-solving skills and is able to identify real problems with the use of both experience and data analysis and find implementable workable solutions for clients.  His turnaround style can be defined as hands-on and practical.  He brings creative solutions to complex problems and is able to think outside the box when required.  He is a strong believer in cost containment and maximising free cash flow.

Warren holds a B. Com and MBA degree in addition to the Certified Rescue Analyst qualification from the University of Pretoria.  He is a licensed Senior Business Rescue Practitioner, a trained Lifeline counsellor, a qualified assessor and holds various industry-specific training qualifications.