Business Turnaround

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Business Turnaround

What is Turnaround?

Business turnaround involves a management-led strategy to reverse a downturn in business fortune leading to losses or lower-than-expected returns for the shareholders. The aim is to maximise or restore profitability. Importantly, the process is not governed by legislation and thus any compromise with creditors is concluded outside of a legal framework.

How do we do it?

We follow a holistic business-minded approach to every business turnaround. We take a deep dive to understand which of the business drivers are either under-performing or not present.

The cornerstone of any business turnaround strategy is to manage the cash flow. Once we have cash under control and a good understanding of the business drivers, we shall support management in the formulation of a turnaround strategy plan. This will involve a review of both the internal and external drivers in the business.

The basic questions we will ask include:

Is there still a market for the business’s products?

Is the business able to produce and deliver to market?

Is it possible to do this profitably?

Is it sustainable?

We seek to understand:

the systems employed and capacity constraints in the business, and

the external forces affecting the business, which pose a possible hinderance or offer an opportunity to the business.

Based on our in-depth review and our combined experience, we will formulate a strategic plan on how to maximize profits. We will then implement alongside management.

Our aim is to assist the board, management, and the shareholders to grow a sustainable business.

Why EBT?

Business turnaround is in our blood and in our name. We follow a hands-on approach. This comes from the 127-year experience enjoyed by our directors and senior associates. All our directors have successfully run their own businesses and are acutely aware of the challenges facing any business be it a SMME or a large corporation. We remain close to all the commercial banks and funding institutions and believe in creating opportunities for businesses to grow profitably.

Is this the right solution for you?

If your investment or business is underperforming, then you should consider getting an independent and experienced review of the business.

If you are under threat of losing your business due to a loss of revenue, shortage of capital, outdated systems and plant, skill gaps, legislative changes, labour issues, inefficient operations, capacity constraints, escalating costs or continuing losses in other words, anything causing financial distress, then contact us for a no obligation meeting.