Transnet dagger pointed at the heart of SA’s economy
4 September 2023

Transnet dagger pointed at the heart of SA’s economy


Transnet will knock 5% off GDP in 2023, on top of a negative 6% in 2022. Rail inefficiencies cost R88 billion in lost forex receipts from coal in 2022, and a further R174 billion in foregone economic activity in the coal sector. Lost coal sales due to Transnet inefficiencies amounted to 22mt in 2022, a figure that will rise to about 30mt in 2023, according to research by GAIN Group. Stellenbosch University professor of logistics, Jan Havenga, a GAIN Group director, said it’s refreshing to see a minister talk so directly about the problems facing Transnet and demand accountability and action in the way that he has.



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