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Business Restructuring

Is your business failing to meet your profit expectations? Whether your business is underperforming or showing signs of financial distress it may be time to reach out to the Engaged Team to assist you in reaching your profit and cash expectations.


Is your business underperforming? It is all about cash flow. Let the Engaged Team assist with underperforming or absent business drivers. We will help you survive the crisis, improve your cash position, and increase profitability and ultimately save your business.

Business Rescue

Unable to pay your creditors on time? Is your business financially distressed? Consider voluntary business rescue and let us be your business’s lifeline and assist with implementing a turnaround strategy that results in the best possible outcome for all your stakeholders.

Capital Raising

Are you experiencing cash flow pressure? Is working capital insufficient? Are you considering expanding your business? We will advise on the type and the amount of capital required and whether your business qualifies for capital based on the prevailing attitude and appetite of funding organisations.

Independent Business Review

An investor or funder may require your business to undergo an independent review, from operations to management. Let the Engaged Team assist you with an independent business review which will provide you with a high-level analysis of the management, stability, and financial viability of the Business.

Cash Flow Management

Cash is the bloodline of any business.  Using our bespoke cash flow modelling tool, our team will increase the accuracy of your forecasting enabling you and your bankers to rely on the information when making critical business decisions and managing business risks.