Capital Raising

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Capital Raising

What is Capital Raising?

Capital raising is the process of raising money for a business so that it can start, expand, or transform. This can range from a greenfield start up to a government sponsored infrastructure project.

How do we do it?

We first quantify the amount and reason for the need. Raising capital for a distressed business is very different from sourcing capital for business expansion.

We take a deep dive into the recent trading history concentrating on profitability and, importantly, the cash generated by the business. Thereafter, we turn to the balance sheet – the assets and liabilities. This tells us, on paper at least, how solvent the business is and if it is over-geared, that is, the level of borrowings compared to the net value of the business.

This then gives us a pretty clear answer to five questions:

What amount of money is required?

What can the business afford?

What security is available to offer the lenders?

What is the most appropriate funding structure to match the need?

Are there potential funders who would consider such an opportunity?

Why EBT?

Engaged is equipped with a diverse team of directors and senior associates who have spent between them 127 years in the markets. We work closely with all the commercial banks and funding institutions and have global experience in the financial markets. Our diversity allows us to creatively structure the most appropriate funding instrument for the business, whether it is suffering from a cash flow shortfall or wishing to step up to the next level of its growth. Having all run our own businesses for several years, we understand the pitfalls and hurdles that any business faces when approaching the capital and debt markets.

Our aim is to take the stress out of the process allowing you to concentrate on the management of the business at hand.

Is this the right solution for you?

Deciding on the right capital and debt structure is daunting no matter the size.  We deal with many businesses lumbered with inefficient and inappropriate funding. If your business is:

suffering from a working capital shortage;

wishing to expand;

buying out a shareholder;

investing in a new business; and/or

merging with another business,

then give us a call for a no-obligation high-level confidential discussion on how best to proceed.